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I am so excited, because I'm leaving the office early to head over to LA's Style Fashion Week at the Staples Center in downtown! I've only been downtown a couple times since I moved last year, and I could not be more excited for this opportunity! My friend Jackie of JAKIMAC is a local jewelry designer and she got us some VIP tickets for a night of full of all things fashion. 

It's going to be a long night so I had to make sure I packed just enough to get me through the evening! If you see below, I put together a list of my must-haves for a night out watching the runwway! 

I've been eyeing my INGRID wedges all season just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear them out! I'm usually a flats kind of girl, but for special occassions, wedges are my favorite. I love that the INGRID wedges have a little strap over the ankle, to make these really stand out. I chose to pair them with a pair of harem pants, and since I'm at the office all day, I wore a more casual look for daytime, and plan on switching into my heels and blazer a little later on in the evening. With one pair of pants, and a couple tops, I put together three different outfits with three different pairs of Blowfish Shoes. #1 is more of a casual day time look featuring the DAME, #2 is totally office ready featuring the BAEZ and #3 featuring the INGRID is a bit fancier, perfect for a night out on the town! Woo! 

What's your favorite look? How would you style these up?



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1 // 2 // 3 // 4 
hello, friends! It's ilene (aka illy) from Much Love, illy and today i am here to say: plaid is rad. 
it seriously is what i have been drawn to since autumn officially kick-started itself. the crisp, cool weather is putting all things plaid on my little radar. these plaid pieces are officially on the top of my plaid wishlist. (oh, you don't have one? it really is a must in my book.)
1 // this touch of plaid with the combination of leather and leopard print. absolute genius. subtle is key in this outfit but it definitely makes a big statement. (note: if you know the original link of this photo, please let me know that i can update it. the link on pinterest was broken. ick.)
2 // i love the girly-ness of this plaid dress. the pink makes it so soft and lady like. and that peter pan collar. love! 
3 // think Catholic girl meets rockstar! love the sassyness of this skirt, which i think you could pair with a ton of different pieces. and if it were me, i'd def include a pair of knee-high socks and oxfords to go with the school girl effect.
4 // cozy, weekend wear is the vibe of tis top. i'm already drawn to all things black and white, so i love that this plaid goes the nontraditional route and sticks with two very basic colors. i'd love to rock this top with a pair of skinny jeasns, booties and a red lip! 
so yay or nay to the plaid trend? if yay, what are your favorite pieces in the above collage or include some links to some of your favorite plaid pieces around web!
thanks for having me, Blowfish Shoes! much love, ilene (aka illy)

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 Hi my lovlies, I'm back again with another revamp your flats! Have a pair a plain flat you want to give a bit of oomph to? Then this tutorial is for you! I used our adorable Cedar flats as a base for my project.



SO cute. I gotta try this next time I have a pair of flats!!!
September 23, 2013 - 16:58 - Twitter - Facebook

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~ backpacks from Le Mode Accessories and Chicnova
Hello, friends! It's me, Ilene (aka illy) of Much Love, illy, excited to be back again for a fun post with all of you good-looking people! So this summer one of my favorite bags to tote around was the classic back-pack. What I love about the backpack is that it is super easy to grab as you run out the door and because you can find so many different styles from so many different brands these days. Backpacks aren't just for your average student headed back to school. My backpacks were the perfect thing for all my road trip adventures this summer as well as for Saturday mornings at the farmer's market...and they make the perfect transitional bag into the fall season.
left to right: Lulu's / Urban Outfitters / ModCloth
what about you, friend? Backpacks - yay or nay? 
Thanks for having me, Blowfish Shoes! Much Love, Ilene (aka illy) 

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Hi again friends!! I'm here with another DIY & today I'll be showing you how to do floral & polka-dot nail art. 


Do you guys love nail art as well? What's your favorite nail designs?


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I have something to admit - I'm having major shoe lust right now with the Tacitas from the summer collection. I took a little break from wearing sandals this summer, but when I started wearing them again the first pair I put on were my Tacitas. They made me four inches taller and and feeling like a rockstar (no, really - I felt like a major babe wearing these haha). They're on major sale right now and I just know that they would be great for the duration of the summer, and through the fall and even winter months (especially if you live in the Southwest!).

What Blowfish styles are you loving right now?

-Chelsea xo

Hi there am a size 7 uk so what size would that be in us
August 19, 2013 - 15:29 - Twitter - Facebook

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Hello, Blowfish friends! I'm baaaaack! It's your friend, Ilene of Much Love, illy super duper stoked to talk about one of my favorite topics: lipstick! Apparently, the lipstick obsession among the fashion and make-up world is planning to stay around for many more seasons to come. Whether's it the hot sizzling days of summer or the freezing cold days of winter, the colored lip is here to stay.
And I am a huge fan of lipsticks of all shades. I have my stock of lipstick in my makeup bag from the neutrals to the hot pinks to the dark purples. You name it, I most likely have one (or two!) of them in my bag. But today I want to talk about the classic red. This has been a long time favorite that is expressed as sophisticated and fun at the same time and so, I wanted to share with you some of my personal red favorites!
1 // MAC's Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick - If you are looking for an absolutely classic red for various skin tones, this is definitely the one to run to. It gives the perfect punch of matte red! The only heads up I would give about it is if you get easily chapped lips be sure to put on a lip moisturizer or a bit of Vaseline, letting it set for a couple of minutes and then applying the lipstick on it. 
2 // Radiant Cosmetic's Park Moisturized Lipstick - This is my go-to lipstick for a darker almost burgundy shade of red. It's the perfect color to apply for an evening outing or a dressier event. And this is actually from Radiant's Moisturizer Lipstick line so my lipst are less likely to chap and also gives a little sheen to my lips.
3 // Revlon's Color Butter Candy Apple - If you are feeling shy about trying out a red lipstick, this is the best starter. It is a little more sheer so doesn't come quite as strong as these other lipsticks I've suggested, but still has enough color to show off some red. It makes a great every day lipstick!
4 // NARS' Heatwave Semi-Matte Lipstick - This is my all time favorite lipstick that has the perfect mix of red-orange. The color is super fun and on the more daring side for some but it adds a touch of playfulness to any outfit! 
Any other readers out there as obsessed with red lipstick as I am? Do you love some of the ones that I've listed or do you have other favorites that you can tell me about? Please share in the comments below! 
Thanks for having me again, Blowfish Shoes! Much Love, Ilene (aka illy) 

I am a dedicated follower of MAC's Viva Glam I (II & III) but V.G. I is a great shade of Red. Red's with a hint of blue in them are the most strickingj
August 16, 2013 - 06:44 - Twitter - Facebook

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Hello again! So, I was digging through my closet and noticed how many t-shirts I've accumulated over the last few years. I figured they needed a bit of sprucing up so I can get some more use out of them. If you have a bunch of old -shirts you don't wear anymore, give this DIY a try!


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Images via pinterest

Hi there lovlies! I'm here today with another one of my favorite style icons, Alexa Chung! This fashion muse has an amazing sense of style, she's feminine, classy, & effortlessly so cool. Want to get Alexa's look? Here's how I'd do it!!

1. White tie front collared shirt

2. Floral Print A-line skirt

3. Tortoise Shell Sunnies

4. Black Delmar Sandals by Blowfish

5. Black quilted cross body bag


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Hello, friends of Blowfish Shoes! I am baaaaack - Ilene (aka of Illy) of Much Love, illy! Hope everyone is having a fabu-licious summer! I don't know about you but I feel like I blink and a here were are facing the end of one of my favorite seasons. 
Today I wanted to chat it up about my newest favorite pair of Blowfish Shoes - the Quite
 And here are two of my favorite ways to style them with an outfit this summer:
...with my favorite fit striped tee and a pair of denim shorts. Add a pop of color with a thin neon belt! 
...or with a polka-dot short skit and a chambray button-up top. Also so that I am ready for just about any summer adventure, I love rocking a backpack around town! 
And with as comfortable as this pair of shoes are as well as the pop of fun they add with the faux straw, I can easily see myself wearing these into the Fall season. I'm thinking a pair of skinny colored denim and a cozy over-sized sweater! The neutral color also makes it work with just about any outfit! 
 Any mutual lovers of the Quite? If so, what are your favorite ways to incorporate them into an outfit! Leave links - I'd love to see! 
Or if you want to grab your own pair, check them out HERE! Quite even comes in three different colors! 
Thanks again for having me, Blowfish! You guys rock! Much Love, Ilene (aka illy) 

These are totally adorable! I bought a pair of black flat straps in Alaska. I moved to Idaho, and finally realized that I lost 1 shoe along the way. They were soooo adorable. I think I only wore them once or twice. I'm holding onto my one shoe in hopes that I will find the other side...somewhere, someday. <3
July 16, 2013 - 20:34 - Twitter - Facebook

I really like these looks

I really like these looks with the Quite!
July 16, 2013 - 20:30 - Twitter - Facebook

I love blowfish shoes!

I love blowfish shoes!
July 16, 2013 - 18:22 - Twitter - Facebook

These are cute!! And I love

These are cute!! And I love my Gypsies. Just came over from Camp Patton to try and win another pair!
July 16, 2013 - 07:42 - Twitter - Facebook

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