Where did you grow up?

St. Louis, MO

How long have you been working for Blowfish?

Just a little over a year.

What's the best part about your job?

I learn something new everyday!

Describe your personal style.

I don't know if I can give it a name. I like bright colors and patterns. 

What's your favorite season?

Summer, I love the warm weather and BBQ's!

What's your favorite food?

Chinese Food and Mexican food-I love a good plate of messy nachos!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

My brother and one of my best friends are getting married on July 4th, I'm super excited and literally can't wait for the wedding and to spend the holiday with my family.

What's your favorite spot in LA and why?

Venice Beach! I love the culture there. Street Performers, Art, Food, and the Beach…what else could you ask for?!

Where's your favorite place you've ever traveled?

I went on a cruise a few years back and we visited Honduras and Belize, it was pretty awesome. I would love to go back some day.

Isn't Leslie awesome?! Say hi in a comment!





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Since spring is in the air, the world's abloom, Easter's around the corner, as well as Earth Day- I thought I'd get a little crafty with some flowers. This one's for the ladies, and those gents looking to get in touch with their feminine side. This project was a lot of fun, pretty straightforward, and they made an awesome prop for some fun pictures. (I used this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess as a guide- but subbing and modifying to accommodate for what I had on hand.)

I suggest getting a bunch of friends together, whipping these up and heading out into the great outdoors for some laughs, and maybe a hike, bike ride, city stroll or beach walk... and plenty of grammable moments


here's what you need:

1 bouquet of flowers

Medium to thick wire (measured to the circumference of your head, plus about 3 inches)

Tape (green preferred)

Pliers (to cut the wire)

Scissors (to cut the flowers)


Once you've gathered your materials and measured your wire- start by cutting the stems off the flowers. Be gentle- the petals are delicate!


* You want to leave 2-3 inches of the stem so you have room to tape the stems to your wire frame. 


* You want somewhere between 7-10 flowers set aside, depending on how large your bouquet and how big you want your crown. Use more or less, depending on your tastes. 


Arrange the flowers along the wire frame you've measured out and wrap the tape around the stem and the wire to hold the flower in place. Once it's secure, you can use your scissors to cut off any unnecessary stem that's leftover.


Continue layering the flowers beside each other, mixing up the colors as you see fit and taping the stems to the wire. Be sure to move slowly and be careful not to crush your petals! Also don't leave too much space in between each flower- unless you want some gaps in your crown. 


Line about half the wire with flowers and then wrap the back of the wire in tape. (If you want the flowers to go all the way around, feel free, but you might need to add a little length to your wire if you're going to go this route.)


* Try to only wrap the stems of the flowers in tape- you might prefer using a green or different colored tape opposed to the white. You could also try using a glue gun and wrapping the flowers and wire in fabric. I didn't have the extra fabric, but I want to try this next time!


Once your flowers are in place, and your wire is wrapped in tape, you're ready to rock! Store these in a plastic bag in the fridge and they should keep for up to 48 hours! Perfect Easter/Earth Day attire!! 


Will you give this a try? Comment below!!





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We took our favorite flats our for lunch. Guess the style name & where we are in a comment below for your chance to win a free pair of spring flats!! Hint: we're not too far from the office!



Those are the lovely Demure

Those are the lovely Demure flats and you are on Abbot-Kinney Boulevard in Venice, in Los Angeles!
March 28, 2014 - 12:09 - Twitter - Facebook

Venice beach Demure shoes
March 28, 2014 - 11:53 - Twitter - Facebook

Venice beach shoes: demure
March 28, 2014 - 11:03 - Twitter - Facebook

p.s I <3 that mural!

p.s I <3 that mural!
March 28, 2014 - 10:35 - Twitter - Facebook

Gjelina restaurant on

Gjelina restaurant on Abbot-Kinney Boulevard in Venice, in Los Angeles is the place the shoes are the Nice flats :)
March 28, 2014 - 10:34 - Twitter - Facebook

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So, I've been pretty crazy obsessed wtih our new BELONA sandals these days. They match wtih everything and they're ridiculously comfortable. They have a really slight heel and a fairly narrow footbed, so they also look awesome. I find a hard time finding strappy sandals that don't give me blisters and pair with anything from pants to a sundess, but these fit the bill. 

I know it's a bit chilly for most of your still, but I'd grab a pair of these ASAP if I were you. The one good thing about winter is, it ALWAYS brings spring. So stock up on a pair of my favorite sandals of the season before we're out!

Which outfit is your favorite?! Harem pants on the left, black skinnies on the right. Comment below!




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Hey Lovelies!

HAPPY NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! If there's anything I love more than pancakes, it's muffins. So I have the most amazing news and I'm excited to share it with you on this special day... I discovered how to turn pancakes into muffins. For any of you who don't have a griddle, you can join in on the pancake fun, too! So long as you have a muffin pan... 

let's get started: 

1. follow the directions for pancake batter.

2. add in 1/4 cup maple syrup & chopped fruit (i used strawberries) & stir.

*optional for extra fluff, add an extra egg. i also sub almond milk for regular milk.

3. pour batter into muffin pan.

4. bake in the over for 8-12 minutes at 375 degrees.

5. let cool and proceed to devour.

Have such a delicious pancake day! If you're not up for cooking tonight, then head to your local ihop! They're giving away freebies all day long! YUMMM!!

What's your favorite way to do pancakes? I LOVE blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and butter the best. Comment below!





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Happy Friday everyone!

Here's a roundup of our favorites from the week:

This looks like a great idea:

image via Pinterest

Karen found this nail art inspiration and got something similar done for her trip to Vegas this weekend:

We caught this sweet moment last Sunday:

Honestly Yum is right:

Getting really excited about new sandals:


It's Friday- so we decided to go on a little field trip and we packed our favorite spring flat, GLO. First person to comment with the intersection where we were wins a free pair!


What's the weather like where you are? Any good plans for the weekend?



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So ladies, we've got a new sole construction this season, that we need to talk about. It is quite possibly the most comfortable construction we've had to date. I can't get enough of it... Feels like slippers, wears like a really cute shoe... Pretty perfect. This sole construction comes in several different styles, so check out our new arrivals today and pick a favorite. Because what would be better than a new pair of shoes to carry you through the rest of the work day?

Happy Hump Day!



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Hey Ladies,

It's Friday! Holy smokes, it sure took it's sweet time. Tuesday felt like the day that never ended, but all in all, it's been a pretty great week. The sun's been shining bright in SoCal and I've been able to rock our new sandals, so that's amazing. Pretty incredible what the ability to wear open-toed shoes in February can do to a person... I'm so sorry to all of you still stuck in the polar vortex, buried under snow and slush. Uck, slush. Come visit us in Los Angeles before you turn into polar bears!!

Here's some things that made my week:

As I mentioned, sandals. These puppies just arrived and I'm obsessed. Super comfortable and very stylish, in my opinion. Because I'm all about style, I am a lady. ;)

This soup looks SO TASTY!!! Is there anything I love more than cumin & cauliflower? O yes, that in soup form. I can't wait to make this!

After getting inspired blogging for Blowfish and interacting with our lovely bloggers, I got inspired to start my own and it went live this week! I'm most definitley very excited and feeling accomplished. So check it out!

Also this ring. Because who doesn't need a gold-plated shark tooth ring?

What are your favorite moments from the week? Post a pic on instagram with #blowfishfridaylove & we'll pick a winner on Monday!!! Winner gets a free pair of sandals to get you ready for Spring!! :)




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So we like to think that everything that is a trend each season is super cool and something we’re all on board with. 

Buttttt………. Lets be real, trends and styles are not for everyone or even suited to everyone! We are all different and beautiful in our own way RIGHT?

So in saying that I have to write about this Spring 2014 trend that keeps popping up, introducing:

See the pictures below, yay or nay?

1. See by Chloe 2. Isabel Marant 3. Kenzo 4. Zara  5. Isabel Marant

(Images Courtesy of Refinery 29)

And at Blowfish Shoes we tried to do our own cute version this year….

Shop Geela, here.

That’s all folks! 



Question: On the description for the Demure shoe, it says it runs a little big, so you recommend to buy a 1/2 size up. That doesn't make sense--if it runs big, shouldn't you buy a 1/2 size down?
February 20, 2014 - 09:18 - Twitter - Facebook

February 19, 2014 - 13:58 - Twitter - Facebook

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Well ladies, the holidays are over and somehow January was another expensive month and I can't quite figure out why. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit over budget and looking to really cut out extraneous expenditures in February. I've been thinking it may be time to start giving a little love to my savings account. I've had a bad habit as of late of living paycheck to paycheck. It's ok. My brother claims, it's all part of the process. 

Here's how I'm going to work on saving in February and beyond:


Write up a budget. 

I use a google doc spreadsheet and list out all my credit card balances, checking/savings account balances, and then what I make and what my expenses are every two weeks. This helps me plan a bit in advance if I have doctor appointments, bills, or plans with friends that I know I need to budget for. Getting ahead of your spending is the first step!


Work in cash. 

It may sound silly, but give yourself an allowance. Decide how much money you are going to spend each week and take it out in cash. This way you can really see where and how quickly your precious bills are headed. 


Drink less. 

To all my 21+ friends, alcohol is expensive. Maybe you think that $8 of wine is a great deal, and maybe it is, but a few of those a week and you're looking at over $100/month on alcohol. Try cutting back to one night a week spending the extra cash on booze. After a month of sobriety, I can tell you that being the only sober one at the party, really isn't all that bad.


Don't waste.

If you notice you're broccoli is about to bite the dust, figure out how you can save it! I bet Pinterest has a few recipes where you just need to add a couple extra ingredients (that you may already have!) to make another meal rather than trash! I started doing this and freezing my leftovers and it has made a huge difference on my monthly grocery tab!


Make a list. 

Don't go to the grocery store listless and hungry. That's when I buy about 42 things I don't need and get really surprised when the checkout person tells me the total. Excuse me, what?! You're telling me I came unprepared and hungry AGAIN. Darn. 


There's my tips for this month! I'll be back again, but for now... what are your tips on saving that cabbage? (Cabbage means money for those unfamiliar with rapgenius.com) Comment below!




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