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Last week I stumbled upon Madrid’s famous Mercado de San Miguel. Packed with people and colorful, fresh cuisine, it’s one of the city’s most popular hangouts for foodies like me. Offering a spread of more than 30 gourmet vendors, the market is the perfect place for the indecisive eater - you can choose nearly any food you desire! Plus, mixing and matching is highly encouraged. 

From the moment I walked inside, the smell of the freshly prepared Spanish cuisine was enough to make me want to eat everything I could get my hands on. And, as an American, I was desperate to try (and love!) each Spanish delicacy before my time in Spain ran out. Though ordering in Spanish was a bit difficult (read: VERY difficult), I tried my best to get by on a little Spanish and a LOT of nervous smiles. And in the end, I think I lucked out! I set myself up with a glass of sangria, a tapas-style serving of chicken paella and a mountain of burrata cheese. The perfect start to an afternoon. 

Spaniards will come to Mercado de San Miguel for hours with friends – to grab a bite to eat, to chat, to enjoy life, even to buy produce. And I started thinking that maybe we can take a page out of their book. We, too, can learn to love markets and food halls as much as they do!

So my advice for now is to do as the Spaniards do: stop for a while and take a walk through your nearest food hall or famers market. Take a few hours to drink, eat and laugh with your friends while spending a day getting lost in food. You’ll be amazed at what you will discover. 

And if you can’t make the trek to Madrid for some authentic sangria and paella, don’t fret! Here are some great markets that you can check out closer to home: 

Ferry Building Marketplace, San Francisco – situated along the banks of the San Francisco Bay, this sprawling waterfront market has its fair share of chowders, coffees and wines to keep you warm on chilly San Francisco nights. 

Chelsea Market, New York City – just steps away from the Big Apple’s famous High Line, the Chelsea Market offers more than 35 vendors serving gourmet treats from around the world. Yum! 

Farmers Market at The Grove, Los Angeles – located in the heart of Los Angeles, this colorful outdoor food hall has been a tinseltown staple since 1934. You can find all kinds of homemade, farm fresh delicacies here from potatoes to pastries, so choose wisely! And the best part of the market for Angelenos? Free parking with validation, of course.

Pike Place Market, Seattle – If the freshest seafood and veggies are what you seek, then Seattle’s Pike Place Market is the place for you! No doubt you’ve already seen its famous exterior in photos and movies.

Chicago French Market, Chicago – head on over to the Chicago French Market for a sampling of the some of the best cheeses and wines that the windy city has to offer. This indoor mecca even has Paris-inspired street signs!

Do you love food halls as much as I do? Any cool markets that I missed? Comment below! 




Great Piece Steve! Everyone should take more time when they have it to enjoy fresh and local cuisines. I personally fell in love with the farmer's market it Portland. It's perfect in summer for some tasty bites and a leisurely stroll. London's Borough Market is also quite diverse in it's offerings and has a cool international vibe.
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So ladies, we've got a new sole construction this season, that we need to talk about. It is quite possibly the most comfortable construction we've had to date. I can't get enough of it... Feels like slippers, wears like a really cute shoe... Pretty perfect. This sole construction comes in several different styles, so check out our new arrivals today and pick a favorite. Because what would be better than a new pair of shoes to carry you through the rest of the work day?

Happy Hump Day!



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So I already admitted I tried out the whole online dating thing. I dabbled in Tindr for just a moment, but the majority of my dates I landed on the infamous, OkCupid. My beef with online dating is it's really quite hard to tell from an online profile and small sampling of old photographs just how this person translates in person. Also, impossible to determine intentions.

I've never go on a date thinking, wow you sound awful; that makes no sense. It's always, wow you did a great job at making yourself sound awesome, but what are you really like


Here's 5 kinds of guys you'll find online: 


The guy who's way too interested. Clearly, this guy is new to OkCupid because on the first date he's talking about future plans while staring deep into your eyes with a wide-eyed grin. He has an idealistic and completely unrealistic vision of meeting a nice girl online, going steady and living happily ever after. He hasn't yet realized you're not that nice and it's not that easy; anyone using online dating for more than 5 minutes has their guards up, expectations lowered and that enthusiasm is long gone.


The guy who takes ridiculously good pictures, but in real life he's cross-eyed and balding. This is the worst feeling. I'd like to think I'm not very shallow and really value killer personality, honesty, kindness, and of course, hilarious jokes above rock hard abs and twinkle teeth, but I also need to want to kiss you. That's part of the whole dating thing, or so I pray. 


The guy who will never make you laugh, but you will laugh at. This is the guy you meet and think, ok, you look like your pictures, normal, not getting the urge to run, so you sit down. Then you attempt to spark conversation and you're instantly so bored you're looking for a second drink before you've ordered the first. Nothing this man says will strike a chord, until you leave and call your girlfriend. And then every thing he wore, said, and fumbled through, you will both find hilarious as you laugh about the awfulness that was and is thankfully, over now.


The guy who doesn't drink. Well, in my case, you'll never actually meet this one. You start texting to arrange a meeting place and he puts in a request for tea time, you think... no wine, no whisky? This cannot happen. I'm looking for a mate so I don't have to continue drinking alone. 


The guy who can't kiss. Yes, this still happens post middle school. I don't understand- just be prepared. All I know for sure is if the kissing isn't good, just stop. Do not press go, do not move to second base, because if the kiss is bad, it will all be bad. Trust me here; this theory's been tested and proven.


Have you tried out online dating? What kinds of blokes have you crossed paths with? Funny, frank and heartwarming stories welcome!





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Hey Ladies,

It's Friday! Holy smokes, it sure took it's sweet time. Tuesday felt like the day that never ended, but all in all, it's been a pretty great week. The sun's been shining bright in SoCal and I've been able to rock our new sandals, so that's amazing. Pretty incredible what the ability to wear open-toed shoes in February can do to a person... I'm so sorry to all of you still stuck in the polar vortex, buried under snow and slush. Uck, slush. Come visit us in Los Angeles before you turn into polar bears!!

Here's some things that made my week:

As I mentioned, sandals. These puppies just arrived and I'm obsessed. Super comfortable and very stylish, in my opinion. Because I'm all about style, I am a lady. ;)

This soup looks SO TASTY!!! Is there anything I love more than cumin & cauliflower? O yes, that in soup form. I can't wait to make this!

After getting inspired blogging for Blowfish and interacting with our lovely bloggers, I got inspired to start my own and it went live this week! I'm most definitley very excited and feeling accomplished. So check it out!

Also this ring. Because who doesn't need a gold-plated shark tooth ring?

What are your favorite moments from the week? Post a pic on instagram with #blowfishfridaylove & we'll pick a winner on Monday!!! Winner gets a free pair of sandals to get you ready for Spring!! :)




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So we like to think that everything that is a trend each season is super cool and something we’re all on board with. 

Buttttt………. Lets be real, trends and styles are not for everyone or even suited to everyone! We are all different and beautiful in our own way RIGHT?

So in saying that I have to write about this Spring 2014 trend that keeps popping up, introducing:

See the pictures below, yay or nay?

1. See by Chloe 2. Isabel Marant 3. Kenzo 4. Zara  5. Isabel Marant

(Images Courtesy of Refinery 29)

And at Blowfish Shoes we tried to do our own cute version this year….

Shop Geela, here.

That’s all folks! 



Question: On the description for the Demure shoe, it says it runs a little big, so you recommend to buy a 1/2 size up. That doesn't make sense--if it runs big, shouldn't you buy a 1/2 size down?
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