Well ladies, the holidays are over and somehow January was another expensive month and I can't quite figure out why. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit over budget and looking to really cut out extraneous expenditures in February. I've been thinking it may be time to start giving a little love to my savings account. I've had a bad habit as of late of living paycheck to paycheck. It's ok. My brother claims, it's all part of the process. 

Here's how I'm going to work on saving in February and beyond:


Write up a budget. 

I use a google doc spreadsheet and list out all my credit card balances, checking/savings account balances, and then what I make and what my expenses are every two weeks. This helps me plan a bit in advance if I have doctor appointments, bills, or plans with friends that I know I need to budget for. Getting ahead of your spending is the first step!


Work in cash. 

It may sound silly, but give yourself an allowance. Decide how much money you are going to spend each week and take it out in cash. This way you can really see where and how quickly your precious bills are headed. 


Drink less. 

To all my 21+ friends, alcohol is expensive. Maybe you think that $8 of wine is a great deal, and maybe it is, but a few of those a week and you're looking at over $100/month on alcohol. Try cutting back to one night a week spending the extra cash on booze. After a month of sobriety, I can tell you that being the only sober one at the party, really isn't all that bad.


Don't waste.

If you notice you're broccoli is about to bite the dust, figure out how you can save it! I bet Pinterest has a few recipes where you just need to add a couple extra ingredients (that you may already have!) to make another meal rather than trash! I started doing this and freezing my leftovers and it has made a huge difference on my monthly grocery tab!


Make a list. 

Don't go to the grocery store listless and hungry. That's when I buy about 42 things I don't need and get really surprised when the checkout person tells me the total. Excuse me, what?! You're telling me I came unprepared and hungry AGAIN. Darn. 


There's my tips for this month! I'll be back again, but for now... what are your tips on saving that cabbage? (Cabbage means money for those unfamiliar with rapgenius.com) Comment below!




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Happy Valentine's Day! We just wanted to say we love you. Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend.



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Holy Valentine's Day. Is it just me, or has the internet completely flooded with lovey dovey everything? Dearest single friends, don't let this get you down! Being single is fun and don't let all these date night ideas, bouquets, and fancy bling start making you think otherwise. Sure, love is cool, but be patient and soak up your singledom while you have it. Because once it's gone, life sans someone is a heck of a lot different than riding solo. 

1. Saturday rolls around and no one there to judge as you cram cold pizza in your face before opening your eyes. 


2. No one to steal your covers. 


3. You regulate the thermostat. 


4. Granny panties? They're comfy as heck. 


5. Shaved legs? Who cares!


6. Only you decide what's for dinner. 


7. No one to tell you not to buy those shoes. 


8. Bedtime's when you say so. And you rock that retainer, girl!


9. No need to speak or answer any questions until after you arrive at work. (This might be my favorite. Silence and coffee until 8:30am is my happy place.)


10. Real boyfriends might be nice, but that made up vision in your mind of Mr. Right- he is absolutely perfect. Why mess that up?


So ladies, when Friday rolls around, give yourself a big hug, lots of love, splurge on some flowers, or a new pair of shoes and remember, that being alone is actually pretty amazing. Right? Plus, you're never really alone. Call up a good friend (who may also be single) and eat chocolate covered strawberries with them!





Truly right, indeed. They think singles are sad but who says that all that has been taken are happy all the time? Cheers for singles and able people...
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Get excited, guys. I'm back with another healthy recipe! But when I go healthy, I don't compromise on taste. These little nuggets (let's call them power balls, for fun) taste like dessert, but they're packed with protein and nutrients that will give you a boost of energy without a boost in the waistline.

You're going to need a food processor to make these- or a vitamix. But for hummus, nut butters, these nuggets, it's totally worth the investment. I swear, if I only knew how much I'd love experimenting with my food processor I would have definitely bought a bigger one. These nuggets are great to have around if you need a little pick me up. They're like granola bars, but so much better. Trust me on this one. Warning: I've found friends & coworkers may love these too, and try to steal them. 


Handful of dried prunes

Handful of goji berries

2 spoonfuls of almond butter

2 tbsp. cacao nibs

2 tbsp cashews

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp bee pollen (optional)

1 tbsp maca powder (optional)

1/3 cup of flax seeds for rolling


1. Put everything besides the flax seeds in a food processor and blend until goey. 

2. Roll goey mixture into balls. 

3. Roll balls in flax seeds. 

4. Gobble up the goodness.

Sidenote: Goji berries are super good for you. So are flax seeds and cacao nibs. 


Will you give these a try? Comment below!





The fear of failing is just about often a coach's or parent's fault. If a gymnast is reluctant to complete a ability for the reason that she doesn't choose to mess up, then somewhere alongside her childhood or career being a gymnast she was place down for not becoming fantastic the first time she attempted a ability. The majority of some time a mentor or father or mother doesn't even know he/she is carrying out this.. http://www.waterexchange.com/christianlouboutin.asp
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Ever have those mornings where you just can't figure out what to wear? Most of the time that means jeans, tshirt, cardigan, maybe a scarf- if I'm feeling super fly... Once in a while, that means, a lovely outfit was born. I had the latter of these mornings. I love the pop of color with this yellow sweater, and then the loose fitting tshirt & leggings makes it for one of the comfiest outfit creations of all time. And it's business casual friendly. AND it goes with literally all of my favorite shoes. 

But I need your help in deciding, which shoes are best for this gem of a pj-work-wear creation?


Here are the options:









Click on your favorite below!!


Clearly I got excited about this outfit. Know the feeling?





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