Hey ladies!

Geez it's hot in LA! Instead of complaining, I'm getting excited for summer, how about you?!

Just wanted to give you ladies the heads up that our photo contest ends tomorrow. We're loving the submissions, but there's plenty of time for more! We want to see you rocking your Blowfish Shoes. All you need to do is take a picture of you wearing them and submit your photo by entering here. We'll be picking 5 winners at the end of the week and they'll be getting some new kicks, just in time for summer. 

You could be the lucky winner- so what are you waiting for?! Enter today!

And have a happy hump day!!!



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Laura from Roots & Feathers 

Spring is in full force here in Texas and I couldn't be happier about it.  After a long winter season it is so refreshing to see bits of color popping up along the roads and in our backyard.  These are a few of our first flowers that came up.  The highways are fully lined with bluebonnets right now too... it is such a beautiful sight to behold as you drive along the pavement roads.  This time of year always makes me think about backyard barbeques, days at the river, soaking up the sun and really just feeling a new zest for life.  I'm hoping we get some good rain this month so we can actually enjoy our rivers this year!  

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Is it still cold or is it warming up?  What do you most look forward to as the seasons change?




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Spring is in full bloom and all I can think about is summer. We've gotten in some newness over here at Blowfish that I'm super stoked about. I really need a new beach bag since my old one's a big ragged, so I'm thrilled that we've got in some amazing new bags this year! One of my favorites is the wave. This one looks cute for a day in the sand, and also is the perfect size for a weekend trip! I have a bachellorette party coming up in Phoenix for three days and I know this will be the perfect travel companion. 

My personal style is definitely simple staples jazzed up with some statement pieces. I love a fun scarf or a unique pair of shoes that will make my outfit stand out. Lightweight scarves are hard to come by, but the iconic is perfect- I love the infinity style for layering over necklaces paired with a cute summer dress or maxi skirt. These monaco sandals are one of our best sellers right now, so I've got to get a pair- the tan color matches with everything and the style is super unique so I expect to get a bunch of compliments when I rock these...

What fun spring items are you going to splurge on? Comment below!



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 Hey ladies! We thought you'd like to know a little bit about some of the people that work to bring cute shoes to two feet near you. ;) Last week, I introduced you to Leslie, who handles all of our customer service related issues, and she also does a lot to help with coordinating shipments and orders. You can thank her every time your shoes arrive safetly, and when there's ever a problem- she'll take care of it! 

Greg is our operations guy. He pretty much makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to and everything is operating smoothly. That's a very simple description from someone who doesn't deal with a whole lot of those kinds of details... but I do know he does a BUNCH to keep Blowfish up and running smoothly. 

He's also a little goofy. We asked him some questions and though he kept his answers brief, we hope you have fun getting to know us a little better!


Where did you grow up? 

Oceanside New York 

How long have you been working for Blowfish?

Since the company started, about 6 years ago

What's the best part about your job? 

Getting to be involved in all parts of the business

Describe your personal style.  

I don’t have much personal style.  My son has all the personal style genes on my side of the family.

What's your favorite season?


What's your favorite food?


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean at sunrise on Wednesday mornings with approximately 150 people

What's your favorite spot in LA and why?

Going outside of my house and looking at the city view.  I get the best of the city while having a sense of privacy which is not an easy thing to do here in LA.


Hope you had fun getting to know Greg!




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It's about to be summer, which means sandals and bikinis. This time of year, I like to eat lighter fare in preperation for less clothes and more sunshine. Who's with me? 

I had a bunch of veggies I needed to use up last week, so I whipped up this simple salad that doesn't take a whole lot of ingredients and only 15 minutes to whip up. It's perfect for lunch on a hot day! It's surprisingly filling and especially tasty.



3 carrots (peeled)

1 bulb of fennel (chopped)

2 spring onions (chopped)

1-2 apples (sliced)


2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tbsp honey

1 lemon (squeezed)

Salt (to taste)


All you need to do is chop up the vegetables, mix up the dressing, add them together and you got yourself an awesome salad. Since there aren't any greens in this one, it keeps for a few days and actually gets better with time as it sits in the dressing. YUM



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