I have to talk to you about a sandal that's been seeing a lot of my feet. The fujie sandals are my fave! They're a fun gladiator inspired sandal and they go with just about everything. Skinny jeans, shorts, summer dresses, maxi skirts- it's all fair game with these guys. While I typically go pretty basic with black or brown when it comes to sandals, but I am obsessed with this pop of blue! I was worried they'd be problematic to match with, but enough of my wardrobe is pretty nuetral so they still match with almost everything and just provide a fun pop of color- perfect for summer!

My favorite way to wear these is with boyfriend jeans, shorts or a long flowy summer dress! I wore this little number to work last week, then out with some friends for drinks after! It was comfortable and I got lots of compliments on the shoes. Duh. 

Snag a pair, here.

How would you style these up? Comment below!



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 Hey Ladies, 

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? I did the 3 day Suja Cleanse in preparation for the summertime and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't awesome not eating food, but it felt good taking a step back and letting my body start to detox a bit. 

Here's what happened. 

Day One: This was the worst of it- I was a hot mess. I ate a bunch of ice cream and crap the day before, which is not recommended, and I think might be why I had headaches and cravings the first day. I had to go shopping for 1300 pairs of socks in DTLA's fashion district, and smelling the bacon wrapped hto dogs at every corner was kind of torture. I didn't feel super hungry, but I was very tired. I spend the entire night sinking into my couch and drinking juice.

Day Two: I did this over the weekend, so I spent most of Saturday in bed reading and painting my nails. Don't judge! I did a little bit of work, but my energy levels were up and down all day. I got a surge of energy that night, so I went to the beach and took a long walk. I also vaced and ate an avocado when my stomach started grumbling... 

Day Three: I woke up at 10am and felt pretty normal this day. The headaches stopped and I had much more energy. I was able to take a long walk, get some writing done and I even made some salad to get me through the week on a healthier note. 

Do you have any tips on cleansing? Comment below!



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Enola is one of my favorite styles for summer. It's a simple strappy wedge that goes with just about everything, and it's super comfortable. I can wear these for a day at the office, a casual day of shopping with friends, or out to date night. It's my go-to when it comes to making any outfit a little fancier, and just as comfy.  

Pair it with a cute summer dress and a pair of shades and you're ready for that date!

Or wear a short skirt and a flowy tunic & you're ready for a day at the office. 

Pair it with a maxi and a chambray top and you're ready for whatever the weekend brings your way!

Or pair it with skinnies & a tank for a casual look on the fly!

How would you style the enola wedges? Comment below!


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Hey Ladies, 

When I was on vacation last week, I made an awesome cocktail that I had to share with you. As far as cocktails go, I don't think they're every truly 'healthy', but this is about as good as it gets. It would be just as delicious without the tequila, but maybe not as fun. I made a huge batch and it lasted the entire week, I even shared. 

What you need:

1 liter of tequila

30 oz. coconut water

1 small watermelon

1 bunch of basil

2 limes & 1 lemon

2 jalapenos, diced with seeds removed

Salt to Taste

How to make it:

Cut up the watermelon and try to remove the seeds, and dump the fruit in a bowl. 

Wash and chop the basil and pepper and add it in. 

Squeeze in lemon and lime and uddle it all up. 

Pour in the coconut water and tequila, add salt to taste and stir. 

Then drink!

Summer is here, guys and I'm pretty excited about it!

Will you give this a try? Link to comment up top by the title!



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Aloha! Karen, here.

Do you ever dream of going to a place, or a travel destination you have wanderlust for? My place was Hawaii. I say was because I just got back from a trip there!!! It was a very special trip at that, to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday!

There were definitely adventures to be had, and though I got back a few weeks ago, I’m still day dreaming and wishing I was on the beautiful beaches or swimming in the warm (almost) bathwater like ocean!

My top 4 things to do in Oahu, Hawaii:

1. Go to the beach! Whether there’s one in the more tourist spots like Waikiki Beach, or the more isolated and famous north shore beaches, ensure you make time to lay out with a book, surf, snorkel or take a dip. You won’t regret it!

2. Eat and walk around! This doesn’t just go for Hawaii but try and do some research on where the locals eat. Immerse yourself in some Hawaiian culture. My favorites were poke (ahi tuna sliced up and seasoned in various ways), and dole whip – pineapple soft serve. YUM!!

3. Take a tour! Unless you rent a car, make sure you sign up for a tour that will take you around the island showing you various sightseeing spots. You can choose from more historical type tours, to a beach tour, or even tour the WHOLE ISLAND in a day. 

4. Go to a Luau! Okay so I’ve seen a lot of Lilo and Stich (teehee), grass Hawaiian skirts and shirts. But seriously for a full experience with dancing, food and drink, try and sign up or book a Luau. You’ll be taken through a journey of Polynesian culture through dance and music.

North Shore > Here’s the North Shore in Oahu, perfect for any beach activity!

Lost > Taking the tour meant I got to see where Lost and Jurassic Park was filmed! 

Mum exploring > Here’s my mum taking a stroll around the Dole Plantation where we had a tasty pineapple soft serve dessert.

Chief’s Luau >  Firedancing

Whether Hawaii is your destination this summer, or elsewhere, stay safe during your travels!  

Where are you heading this summer and more importantly, HOW EXCITED ARE YOU ABOUT IT!?!?




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