Hey lovies!!

So I am the biggest bargain hunter I know! I have such a hard time spending loads of money on clothes & everyday items when I know I can go to the swap meet and get it for like half the price if not less!! This past Sunday I headed over to the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet in sunny California to find a few specific things for my Hawaii trip (which is next Wednesday, gahhhh!!!!) I was sad I wasn’t able to find a see through wrap around skirt for my bathing suit…maybe I can just buy some fabric and make my own! I took some photos along the way to show you some of the crazy deals & crazy things being sold!!

 I could not believe how cheap they were selling shoes for!

I gave myself a budget of $60 and ended up only spending $30!! (includng admission for myself and boyfriend which was $3 total)

 I got two headbands, a pair of sunglasses, a long necklace, a maxi skirt, airwick fresheners, two bubbles (for our Spring photo shoot happeneing this week) and a hanging plant (not photographed). Overall I'd say it was a successful day at the swap meet! I mean, $27 for all of this....score!!

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Hey Lovies!!

Halloween is only a few days away!!!! It is my absolute favorite holiday of all!! This year I really wanted to try and sculpt a pumpkin rather than do a basic carve, buuuttt apparently I’m not as skilled as I maybe thought I was, haha! So instead of showing you my horrible attempts, I’ll show you some photos of some very talented artists and the amazing creations they have done on pumpkins!





Yeah, I can’t get over how incredible these are either!!! Have you ever tried to sculpt a pumpkin rather then carve it?! How did yours turn out,

I’d LOVE to see your pumpkins!

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Hellllo my Blowfish friends, Fall has arrived and what better way to start off a new season than with new goals to achieve. I love setting goals for myself, it always gives me something to work towards and it’s a good way to keep me motivated. My first goal for Fall is to experiment with healthy cooking! You may know from my previous posts, I’m always on a mission to get/stay fit and eat healthy.  So figuring out ways to make things I like, but make them the healthy way, is what I’m aiming for!  I just found out a cool way to make healthy, but yummy pancakes by just using a banana and eggs! Crazy right! You should try it…check out the recipe below:

Just grab a banana and two eggs:


Mash the Banana


Scramble the two eggs and a banana together


Cook them on a hot skillet…and Walllah!


I found the recipe here, such a good find!! :) 

Now we’re at my next goal….Reading! I love to read but lately I’ve been finding myself too busy to read. I know, lame excuse right?! So I’ve decided I want to make the time to read this Fall and I’ve got just the book to start…”Warrior of the Light” by Paulo Coelho. I’ve already read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and it’s by far my favorite book, so I’m ready to bury myself in the next one! What’s your all time favorite book?!


 Stretching! Yep, that’s my final goal! No but really,  I’ve been saying I want to practice yoga for a while now and I’m finally gonna do it this fall!  I’ve started by doing a little in my room a few times a night but I’m ready to find a studio and really get in it! What about you?! Are you a yogi?!

 What are you trying to acheive for Fall? 


Let us know!

Leslie xoxo

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Hi Friends,

It’s the first day of October. You know what that means… though it was technically Fall last week, the month of October brings on all those looming thoughts of cold, it almost being the end of the year and Thanksgiving! I'm trying not to fret though,  it’s not all that bad. Here are some of my favorite things about October!



I know, not everyone cares but sport season picks up and one of mine happens to be basketball. Time for me to get my jersey and tickets ready! I'm from London and I've even noticed that Football Sundays is a big thing out here. Like a real big thing. Almost everyone I know old or young has mentioned football to me in the past few weeks. I'll focus on the NBA but either way...





I know, people always go on about Pumpkin, I’m not the hugest fan, but I do like Brussels Sprouts and this is the time of year I know I can always pick ‘em up at the store. I bake mine with some salt, pepper and olive oil for an easy dinner. (Bacon fans can add bacon for something extra) Easy and very good for you! I used to never eat them but they don't seem so bad now. What are everyone elses favorite Fall /winter stock food?

(I know some of you are still going to say yuck!)


Pumpkin Patches & DIY Fun to do with them. 

I love heading to the pumpkin patch in October. i'm terrible at carving them but I still like to try. I also like to pick up small ones as decorating around my apartment. Does anyone have cute and easy DIY's for October and Fall decorating?

Check out some inspiration here


 There's also other fun things like fall fashion, trends, hikes & camping. 

What do you love about October?



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‘Ello Friends!

I was about to launch into a post about some behind the scenes antics of the Blowfish Shoes office, but as I was wondering around taking pictures I noticed a very manic, busy, crazy office! So instead I thought I’d take us a little off beat and talk about what makes me (YOU) happy, and to encourage you to do more of that. I was inspired by a Refinery29 post here. We may sometimes feel over worked or over stressed, some of your schedules are full of appointments, kids, errands, places to be and when. In order to maintain that balance… do more of what makes you happy. Even if it’s a small thing. Here’s a little of what makes me tick.


A sunset.

I know. I sound like a totalllll girl. But in my defense, I grew up in grey, rainy London, and I think I may not have known much of what the sky and sun could produce. Now I live in Los Angeles. I chase these. Literally chase sunsets and head to the beach to clear my head if so needed. The drive is always worth it… This was taken last Sunday at Venice Beach, CA.




Not that it needs much explanation but we can also switch this to people we care about in general. Being around these people make me happy. Here’s my cousin and I being foolish this summer at the Getty Villa, CA.



Different scenery.

While I wish I could afford my most dreamed of travel destination or vacation we know that’s not always possible. I try to visit somewhere or something different often. It broadens my experiences and makes for a good talking point! I love meeting new people and seeing new things. This was a picture taken in Indio CA this year. How about trying a new coffee shop, new store, work out in a new park you’ve driven by?



Blowfish Shoes.

Duh. I’ve been working for six years. It makes me happy. And so does shoes. Tee hee. I’ve been wearing style Brink all summer long! It’s on sale here:




So my friends, what makes you happy? Big or small. Try and do more of it (I also like taking photos!) :)

Lots of happy thoughts always,

Karen xoxo

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