Hey friends! I saw this list on Liz's blog [where I learned it originally came from Kara] and I loved the idea and wanted to borrow it! I know we're only 2 months through the year but boy is it a big one!! 

I don't want to come off as hippy-dippy or potentially bonkers, but just hear me out. We've all heard that 2012 signaled the end of the world - but now it's clear that this is just a time of tons of change. Obviously I'm not quite sure how all your years have been going so far, but mine has been a whirlwind. Lots of change and growth and learning and tough times but I really think everything is moving in a positive direction. The most remarkable thing to me so far has been the INSANE amount of synchronicity in my life. Since the first day of the new year, things have been lining up in crazy ways. The TV show I'm watching will bring up some obscure subject that I haven't thought about in months but JUST talked about earlier in the day. I'm jinxing with people left and right. Logan always seems to text me within the minute that his name comes up at work. Even yesterday! I saw Amy's blog post yesterday and realized that she was [in Utah] wearing the SAME pants that I had just tried on [in California!] a few days ago! CRAZY!

Anywho, I'm taking all this as a good sign. I think when everything in your life starts lining up it, even if it starts with small little things, means that some big greatness is coming. I'm trying to go with the flow, see where this year takes me, and notice as many details along the way as possible. :)

[my personal mantra]

Here are 12 things that I've learned so far in 2012:

1. That I can handle way more than I think I can.

2. That it's still ok to ask for help, and that I should really do it more often.

3. That I guess I really DID have a use for this iPhone contraption.

4. That you can bookmark places in the GoogleMaps app. [Now I won't feel lost when I travel!]

5. That I really do know what I'm talking about with this social media stuff.

6. That I really don't feel motivated to run very often. But I like other exercises!

7. That long blond hair makes you the object of way more attention that you expected.

8. That I don't have the patience for the hair salon [so don't expect to see these extensions past April or so!!]

9. That the combo of avocados + salt + pepper + Tapatio is pretty much a game changer.

10. That it's really hard to clearly define myself, and that I probably don't need to.

11. That helping people do things better makes me really happy. 

12. That I've got the hustle to match the motivation.

xoxo love you guys

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